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Trusting Myself & Pursuing a New Path

Tiffany was ready for a career change and made the decision to pursue a consultant role at Publicis Sapient. Over a year later, she has no regrets and shares her experience with us here.

Tiffany Chang
Tiffany Chang

Switching jobs is always intimidating and many considerations are factored in. Will it help your career?  Will you expand your skillset? Is the pay better? A little over a year ago, these were all considerations I had when deciding to leave my former role and start the recruitment process. I had been in a traditional corporate role, doing the same job for about 4 years, and was tired of the same old grind. I craved to do something new and exciting that could take my career to the next level.

The Switch to a New Industry and to Consulting

When interviewing at Publicis Sapient, it was communicated that the role would be dedicated to an oil and gas client. I had zero oil and gas industry experience, so I was concerned. Would I be able to contribute value to the team with no background industry knowledge? In addition, another change for me was to be working as a consultant to the client. This shift in roles is an adjustment as you are presumably signing up for the “consultant lifestyle”, which from my other consulting friends sounded very unglamorous. It puts strains on your relationships with family and friends and people are often overworked and overstressed. Was that the lifestyle I wanted?

“What stood out to me the most throughout my interview process was how seriously Publicis Sapient takes their core values and that permeated through everyone I spoke with.”

Learning Mindset

What stood out to me the most throughout my interview process was how seriously Publicis Sapient takes their core values and that permeated through everyone I spoke with. If you have a learning mindset, then you can pick up any additional skills or knowledge along the way. My interviewer at the time also echoed the same sentiment: that it would be a learning curve, but they were open to hiring people with no oil and gas background because of the business acumen and skill sets that are transferable to any industry. In addition, I realized that at Publicis Sapient, you choose your own career. To have that type of freedom and power of choice ultimately influenced my decision to join Publicis Sapient.

Never Look Back

It’s been a little over a year now since I joined Publicis Sapient and I still feel like it was the right move to change industries and become a consultant. I realized that 90% of the problems that most companies face are not unique to them or their industry. They’re problems that all companies are grappling with as we continue to move towards a digital economy. I feel very satisfied in knowing that the work we do is helping companies to navigate this new digital economy era. It’s also been exciting for me as I’ve expanded my knowledge of industries and skills, being exposed to multiple industries and different project roles so that I can better understand the path that I want to take my career in. My fear of being overworked and overstressed? This can happen in any career anywhere, and I’ve learned to set firm boundaries and expectations with clients to avoid this situation. And with no set number of vacation days, I have time to reset when needed.

Tiffany Chang
Tiffany Chang
Product Manager
When not helping clients transform their business, Tiffany is planning her next trip, finding local eats, or trying to learn a new language. Fun fact: she helped film an award-winning Taiwanese television drama.

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