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The Superpowers of Our Women in Tech

Publicis Sapient celebrates what makes each of us unique, and the power of gender diversity in tech.

Introducing some of the amazing women in our Dubai office—Fiona, Hanan, Linda, Natalie, Maram, Tina, Ayesha, Sophia and Rand.

This year, they are exploring the qualities that make us unique, successful and superpowered!

“As women in tech, we believe that everything we do is a superpower. We collaborate, we create, we break boundaries and inspire others, both in and out of the workplace, every single day. It’s what connects us and enables us to grow as individuals and as a team.”

Fiona Falconer
Fiona Falconer , Content Strategist Lead

“Women have been able to overcome centuries of oppression and are now empowered to contribute equally in all aspects of the economy. Thanks to the battles of previous generations, women today have access to education, career opportunities and the freedom to pursue their passions. This resilience and determination are what make women a true force to be reckoned with in the workplace. I personally take pride in my empathy and my commitment to personal growth and learning. I believe that getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things helps me become a better version of myself, both personally and professionally.”

Linda Hamed
Linda Hamed , User Experience Lead

“I’m proud of all my accomplishments but I’m most proud of the balance I’ve reached between managing my work and my children’s lives without interfering with one another.”

Hanan Klait
Hanan Klait , Senior Associate, Talent Acquisition

“I’m a software engineer, a mom, a wife, a daughter and, above all, I aim to become a better person every day. I constantly strive to be the best at whatever I do, always work with passion and make sure to always challenge myself.”

Maram Al Quran
Maram Al Quran , Associate, Technology

“Empathy is what makes women unstoppable. There is often no better situation than having a female leader, which will more often than not result in a high level of team cooperation and support.”

Sophia Keyner
Sophia Keyner , Senior Associate, Project Management

“It is so important to be represented as females in our industry, as this primarily is a male-dominated field. I’m glad to see that female representation is growing by the day and hope that this will encourage more and more women to speak up as the fantastic people they are.”

Natalie Schwalb
Natalie Schwalb , Associate Creative Director, Experience

“I won’t talk about diversity and equal opportunity, but instead about role models. Little girls, especially in certain cultures and regions, need role models to look up to and aspire to be like. Having more women in tech can provide inspiration and motivation for the next generation of female technologists. It is crucial for me to communicate to the next generation that being a woman in tech is not only possible but also empowering and badass!”

Tina Bou Safi
Tina Bou Safi , Experience Lead

"Examples of women like Ada Lovelace, Katherine Johnson and Hedy Lamarr, who made significant contributions in tech, illustrate how the industry would not have reached where it is today without female involvement. Having more women in tech promotes diversity, breaks down stereotypes and leads to more inclusive and user-friendly products. Gender diversity in tech can lead to innovation, financial success, inspire future generations and close the gender gap in technology. Promoting female representation in tech is critical for an innovative, successful and equitable industry.”

Ayesha Azmi
Ayesha Azmi , Senior Program Manager

"Why should women be equally represented in tech? There's a quote that says, 'There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.' Meaning that women can accomplish so much, wherever they go in life."

Rand Al Quran
Rand Al Quran , Senior Quality Engineer

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