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The Top Benefits of Working at a Consultancy

Why should engineering and tech professionals work at a consultancy? At Publicis Sapient, you are supported by the breadth of our experience as a company.


Generally, working at a consultancy like Publicis Sapient means working alongside a variety of clients within your industry of expertise. This breadth of exposure is one of the greatest benefits of being a member of our team. But there is also the opportunity to deep dive and dedicate your expertise to one client and become a true partner in their growth if that’s your interest.

Senior Product Manager James Parker has found great potential and development in this structure, having spent the bulk of his 10+ years at PS dedicated to one of our energy trading and risk management (ETRM) clients. Over the last decade, he has worked on multiple product migrations, cloud setups, flight applications across several platforms, implementation of KYC applications and even an organizational restructure. 


“While I’ve spent my career at PS with one client, the difference between working in-house on these projects or on our team is the wealth of our experience as a company and as an industry. If I was on the client side doing this job, I think it would be much harder because I wouldn’t have the same access to other experts. I can pick up the phone and call my colleagues in financial services or in other areas of energy and commodities for different perspectives and lessons learned. Whereas if you’re sitting as an employee of that business, you don’t necessarily call up other businesses and ask what’s worked well for them. And this is the power of a consultancy, regardless of how long or short you’ve been with a client.”


It wasn’t James’s initial intention to stick with one client for so long when he joined PS as a college grad, but he’s continuously found opportunities for personal growth in this client relationship.

“I’ve always had the conversation with my manager that as long as I get growth opportunities, as long as I can progress and as long as I’m learning something new, I don’t necessarily care where that happens. I’ve built a really strong relationship with this client, and I can see the impact that I’m personally making. For example, I’ve been really empowered in the last few years to have very senior conversations with the client’s trading CIO. I have the support I need from our engineering leads and others, but I can drive and own these conversations.”

Why Energy & Commodities Trading?

Our Energy & Commodities Trading (ETRM) clients are increasingly investing in the transformation of their digital estates and architecting for speed and agility to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by the Energy Transition.

While James is currently a Senior Product Manager on our ETRM team, he started on the engineering and technology side of the industry back when it was strictly trading risk management (TRM).

While he did receive some specialized training during his run in our grad program, many of his colleagues went to the financial services industry. But for James, the training on specific industry packages is less important than a person’s genuine curiosity about the energy industry.


“Energy & Commodities is a great sector for anyone interested in understanding more than just one capability group or craft. There’s a benefit in this industry to having a hybrid of technical and product knowledge because it’s a very integrated environment. Some of the best engineers I work with have a decent understanding of the industry. And similar on the product side – the people that are good at managing products also understand how the tech side of things works. It’s all about your genuine desire to learn.”


James is just one of the amazing people that make up our ETRM group. Explore opportunities to join our team.


James Parker
James Parker
Senior Product Manager
James Parker is a Senior Product Manager located in the United Kingdom. His current work in ETRM consulting is focused on a major European integrated energy company expanding its tradable products in the EU.

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