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Why Choose Publicis Sapient in South East Asia

Publicis Sapient grew its South East Asia offices in 2022. Meet a few of our new team members and learn what excites them about their new roles. 


Opportunity is ripe for our teams in South East Asia.

The pandemic made the already strategic imperative of digital business transformation even more critical for companies in South East Asia. The middle class appetite for digital products and services has increased significantly, digital banking licenses are being announced in markets across the region and regulations for data and cloud are evolving to enable this change.

In 2022, our South East Asia teams added fantastic talent and capability into our Singapore and Thailand offices to meet the growing need for digital business transformation in the region.

Meet some of our new PSers and learn why they chose to join Publicis Sapient in South East Asia.

Aman Sud, Chief Growth Officer, South East Asia

What is your professional background, and how do you plan to use it in your new role at Publicis Sapient?

My key role at PS is to develop a go-to-market strategy for the South East Asia region and build a pipeline on strategic sales. This is all a fancy way of saying I will be focused on WHO we are selling our services to and HOW that aligns with our priorities as a growing organization.

I’m an accountant by qualification. My first job was with a bank, and for the last two decades I’ve been working for or with banks. I started my career on the product side but have spent the last 13 years or so predominantly in business development. The last couple of years I’ve been focused on South East Asia.

There is massive opportunity in the South East Asia market. The region is growing fast, and it’s not just the banks. It’s the entire ecosystem supporting the banks and the evolving technology that places like Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand are heavily investing in.

This market is hungry for solutions which can help them leapfrog the current ecosystem. I’m looking forward to helping PS make the right moves and partnerships to be a leader in the space.

What excites you about the work you do?

Definitely the clients. And really, the unique situation of each client. We tend to focus on the solutions we deliver, but what I find really interesting is the differences you find when you talk to Client A versus Client B or C. They might all be in the same industry and looking for similar solutions but they each have a different reason for doing something. Each of them has a different limitation that they need our expertise on. The exciting part is solving for that limitation. It’s even more exciting when you meet clients who are willing to shake up the entire ecosystem by completely changing the way they’re doing something.

Why PS?

To be honest, I wasn’t very familiar with Publicis Sapient when I first got the call to come join the team. So as much as I would investigate a new client, I investigated PS. I spoke to people who were previous employees. I spoke to some clients. And these conversations told a pretty good story.

Then during the interview process I met members of the senior leadership team who really impressed me with their approach to the South East Asia market. PS brings strategy, experience, design and technology all under one roof, with a focus on change projects, and this enables us to make a larger impact.

In my short time here so far, I can say that the culture here is different than what I’ve experienced in my previous work environments. Not to say my past experiences weren’t great, but it’s different. The admiration and respect for teamwork, creativity, craftmanship and fun is very evident. I have not seen service companies be able to deliver the kind of work I see PS delivering in this region so far.

Ilene Meiling Munas, Senior Experience Designer

What is your professional background, and how do you plan to use it in your new role at Publicis Sapient?

I actually come with a 14-year background in advertising and graphic design. In 2018, I decided to make a change and improve my digital skills with a course in web design and user experience. I found the course and work really meaningful because we weren’t just focused on the website or app design but what the users needed from the experience. This course set me off on a 2-year journey of workshops, networking sessions and really starting from scratch to do design work I cared more about.

The great thing about UX is that my design background was valuable. I was able to marry my skill set and bring my ability to communicate intent behind design into the experience role, while also adding research and strategy to my toolbox.

What excites you about your work?

I chose to refocus my career on UX versus advertising and graphic design because of the collaboration I saw in that area of design. There are so many touchpoints with various teams when you’re working in UX, from IT to project management to strategy. All these touchpoints come together to build the solution.

And here at PS this collaboration is all the more apparent. For example, the project I’m currently working on involves so many verticals and tracks that are moving at the same time, and everyone is playing their part. It’s like a dance, the way we work together and communicate through each of the project’s steps.

How would you describe the culture at Publicis Sapeint?

Everyone  is so very nice and welcoming. There was no rush when I started to know exactly how things are done. They didn’t just throw me into the deep end. The team gave me the space to learn about PS and onboard properly. I’ve also felt that people genuinely care about your career. They want to talk about my goals and career path.

Zeneath Eng, Experience Designer

What excites you about the work you do?

I am eager to learn about agile teamwork and how to help businesses digitally transform holistically. Prior to PS, I was working in a small enterprise as an Experience Designer but more focused on website experience. We were limited in what our small agency could do with its manpower and capabilities.

Already at PS, I’ve learnt the importance of building a Design System that can benefit all user types and allow for more time and effort to be spent on innovating new experiences for the client.

What solidified your decision to join the Publicis Sapient team?

I immediately connected with the recruiter during the phone interview. We chatted as if we were friends for a long time. It was the friendly attitude and welcoming culture that drew me in. It was clear that the people of PS exercised the value of “engaging with openness.”

I really appreciate this value of “engaging with openness” as well as that of “inclusive collaboration.” It’s encouraging to see them in practice. For instance, our key leaders are open to engagement – and even career advice.  

From what you’ve experienced so far, what makes Publicis Sapient different from other organizations?

PS is filled with surprises, especially in learning opportunities, different events and experiences. For example, I was already nominated to attend a Scaled Agile learning session that helped me understand our vision and culture better. I feel like I’m growing with the company and building a ‘digital transformation’ mindset.

At the same time, my colleagues and managers are all approachable, and we set up events to bond together, whether it be gym classes or a candle making session.

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