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HUE Member Spotlight – Tanya Dacres

Tanya found her ideal career path by exploring several parts of the organization. Along with supporting our people in her day job, she is an active member of our Black Business Resource Group, HUE.

Tanya Dacres
Tanya Dacres


Why did you join Publicis Sapient (PS)? How long have you been here? What is your role today?

During my interview process, I could see that folks were really living the core values. I was referred to PS by an employee, so I also heard great things about the organization and the people though my referral. I’ve been here for 9.5 years and I am a Director of People Strategy, part of our North America People team.

How has PS supported your career journey so far?

I have been able to play various roles on the People team. I started as a Senior Associate focusing on Global Mobility and People Operations for Canada. This gave me an opportunity to learn several parts of the organization and narrow in on the path I wanted to focus on. I was then able to transition to the People Strategy team, enabling me to be a partner to the business while supporting our people. I have grown through the organization and have had the support of great leaders and colleagues. My manager and business leads have given me the flexibility to extend outside of my role and encourage my areas of interests, including my commitments as part of the HUE team and other Business Resource Groups (BRGs).

What does being a member of HUE mean to you?

I appreciate that we have this BRG. It allows for connection, dialogue and support. Some of the conversations that we saw happening around the world in 2020 were discussions that those of us participating in HUE have been having for several years. It was a shift to see more engagement and interest in the experiences of our Black Colleagues.


“Do not be afraid to share your ideas as they just may be championed and become the very thing that sets us apart.”


Who inspires you?

My mother is someone who inspires me greatly. She is someone who has shown me what it truly means to chart your own path and make sure that you give back to others. She has a generosity of spirit and is someone who advocates for those who are underrepresented. I believe I get my drive and determination from her.

If you weren’t doing what you do today, what career path would you have chosen?

I was always interested in Child Psychology and working with Children. I spent most of my early young-adult life working with children and youth programs. My other interest was in film and acting. I took theater and some of the Arts programming in University.

What do you enjoy most about working at PS and what advice do you have for new hires?

I enjoy the talented people. We have such a great group of people within the organization who bring diverse skillsets and thinking. I also love that ideas are supported, and people can explore areas that they are passionate about. The creation of HUE is an example of two employees from the Atlanta office seeing the need for this group and having the support of leadership to create it. I have so many examples of people who come up with great initiatives that have helped to elevate our work experience.  To any new hire, I would say to engage in all aspects of your career here and do not be afraid to share your ideas as they just may be championed and become the very thing that sets us apart.

Tanya Dacres
Tanya Dacres
Director of People Strategy
Tanya has 15 years of HR experience and is passionate about giving back to her community. Outside of work Tanya volunteers with youth from underrepresented and marginalized communities mentoring them on career navigation. She is also a co-founder of the Canadian Black Standard, a networking and advocacy platform addressing systemic barriers to employment advancement and the inclusion of Black Canadian women in the sector of marketing.

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